Europe's biggest Grading and Mixing Stage | Potsdam

ROTOR FILM | Europe's biggest Grading and Mixing Stage | Potsdam Babelsberg

In Phase 1

  • Redesign of the LFE driver connection to the room
  • Repositioning and forming a cluster of 9 X Meyersound X-800C

In Phase 2

  • Upgrade of existing room acoustics according to target specifications

Studio der Sterne

Recording and Mixingstudio | Cologne

STUDIO DER STERNE | Recording- and Mixingstudio | Cologne

Complete new construction, room in room, in existing industrial hall.

  • Large, decoupled, V-shaped control room weighing 7 tons.
  • Flushmount SKY Audio 2.2 Verdade II System.
  • Asymmetrical, decoupled, recording room with a weight of 3 tons.

Special feature: Not only the Star Wars look but also the illusion of being in a space station and looking through the windows into space.

Whitehouse Studios

Recording and Mixingstudio | Cologne

WHITEHOUSE STUDIOS | Recording- and Mixingstudio | Cologne

Complete new multi-room construction, room in room, in the sprawling existing rooms of the long-established Whitehouse Studios Cologne.

The elaborate design not only allows for optimal room acoustics, but also the distribution of daylight across multiple rooms.

  • Control Room 1: Recording/Stereo/Surround/Atmos Mixing, Double V-Shape with 7.2.4 Dolby Atmos System.
  • Control Room2: Voiceover/Audiobook production and Stereo/Surround/Atmos Mixing.
  • Recording 1: Large recording room for drums, bands and piano.
  • Recording 2: Expansive, unbalanced recording space for voice, amps, etc.
  • Recording 3: Asymmetric dialog and voiceover recording space.


Recording and Mixingstudio | Heiligenhaus

WESTPHONY STUDIO | Recording- and Mixingstudio | Heiligenhaus

Complete multi-room new construction over the entire 3rd floor of an industrial building.

  • Control Room 1: Recording/Mixing. Large V Shape with Dynaudio M3 flushmount and analog rack island. Lines of sight to the left and right of recording 1 and 2.
  • Control Room 2: Mastering Studio with Sky Audio Verdade System
  • Recording 1: Large asymmetrical recording room. Perfect for drum and band recording.
  • Recording 2: Vocal recording. Asymmetrical design.

Mastered by Stef

Masteringstudio | Cologne

MASTERED BY STEF | Masteringstudio | COLOGNE

Complete new construction, room in room, in existing industrial building.

  • Decoupled stereo and Dolby Atmos control room weighing 6.5 tons.
  • Flushmount Guzauski-Swist GS4a Monitor and 18″ GSXED Stereo SUB System.

Special feature: Despite the basement location, working with daylight is possible all day.