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Our experience is not limited to high-end studios and multi-room facilities. Home studio owners or people with everyday acoustic problems can also benefit to the maximum from our services.

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"Dennis Busch and his team demonstrated impressive expertise when it came to putting the finishing touches on the largest cinema mix in Europe with Dolby Atmos, AURO 3D and IMAX formats in Potsdam- Babelsberg at ROTOR Film for an international clientele. The cooperation at MATRIX 4 was so constructive and goal-oriented that many more projects were and will be realized together in the group of companies. Many thanks to the team for the honest engagement!"


"The studio has far exceeded all our expectations. Dennis Busch and his Acoustic Spaces team have enabled us to take our sound to a new dimension. I can no longer imagine having a recording studio built by anyone other than Dennis Busch."


"The difference to an acoustically designed and freestanding room versus acoustical tools in an existing room are gigantic and give you an unparalleled listening experience! I would recommend this to any professional engineer"

"Fortunately for me, I got to know Dennis Busch from Acoustic Spaces before the reconstruction of the Whitehouse Studios. His uncomplicated, very competent and imaginative way of finding solutions for the complex rebuilding of the studios has inspired me. The result sounds amazing and looks great, too. Just perfect."


"The high expectations on our part for the finished project were far exceeded. Both in the collaboration with the Acoustic Spaces team, as well as in the structural implementation of the complete studio complex, the cooperation was at the highest level."

"No joke, for more than 25 years, I pondered the design of my dream studio. After exploring various studios here and there, the stars aligned in 2020, leading me to discover a space with perfect dimensions. It was through my friend Steffen Müller's recommendation that I met Dennis Busch. Upon inspecting the space, Dennis immediately sparked a flurry of creative and economically sound ideas. The outcome surpassed all expectations, and to this day, a satisfied grin spreads across my face each time I open the door to the studio rooms and peer inside. The journey was nothing short of a dream turning into reality."

"I have had the pleasure of working with Acoustic Spaces to bring the acoustics of my rooms up to recording studio standards and I am more than impressed with their professionalism and commitment. From the beginning, the communication with Dennis Busch, the owner of Acoustic Spaces, was extremely transparent and smooth. His dedication to ensuring that my requirements were met was evident and he definitely got the most in terms of value for money. The installation went smoothly and was completed within a few hours, far exceeding my expectations. I felt comfortable throughout the process and was able to discuss my concerns at any time thanks to the open communication with Dennis. As a professional voiceover artist, the quality of my recordings is critical and Acoustic Spaces helped me create an environment that met my needs. Their expertise in room acoustics not only met my expectations, but exceeded them. Thanks to his work, I can now work in a studio that meets the highest standards and allows me to take my performance to the next level. Thanks again to the team at Acoustic Spaces for their outstanding work!"

"For a professional voice actor the actual recording room and its acoustics are more important than the most expensive microphone or the best audio interface when it comes to a clean recording. I am thrilled to have found Dennis Busch and Acoustic Spaces who drew up an individual concept for a recording studio perfectly fitted to my requirements and then have them set it up and build it from scratch in only a few weeks. Dennis' great knowledge in the field of acoustics and the effort and care of his very friendly crew made my recording level rise up to a high-end-level."

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