Our Services

Service description

  • Assessment of objects/real estate regarding their suitability as studios
  • Location assessment of the property in terms of its suitability as a studio
  • Calculation of sound transmission through building components
  • Calculation of elastic supports, such as Sylomer and similar elastomers
  • Conducting room acoustic simulations – both wave field and geometry-based
  • Auralization of CAD designs, for example, for studio recording rooms and live venues
  • 3D studio planning with FEM-based room acoustics and integration of monitoring speakers
  • Comprehensive planning of studio complexes, including reception areas, multiple control rooms, and recording studios.
  • Planning of building acoustics solutions, including room-within-room systems for studios
  • Construction management and turnkey delivery of studio construction projects
  • Planning, sale, and integration of complete studio equipment
  • Sale of room acoustic modules such as diffusers, absorbers, and partitions
  • Sale of acoustic fabrics for various applications
  • Conducting room acoustic measurements according to DIN 18041 as well as measurements of RT60, STI, RASTI, etc.
  • Conducting amplitude-over-frequency measurements and detection of room modes
  • System tuning for studios, cinemas, and live sound systems
  • Conducting Atmos calibrations according to Dolby X-curve and Dolby Music curve
  • Sale, integration, calibration, and tuning of Trinnov systems

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